Desktop Client v5.3.85

The following changes are in this release: [FIX] - General stability improvements, and a few behind-the-scenes changes that won’t change the user experience, but will make it more consistent. »

Desktop Client v5.3.83

The following changes are in this release: [NEW] - Added a new indicator to the SMS Conversation view, which will show if an error has occurred while trying to send a text message. You can click on this new icon to see a message about why a message wasn’t delivered. [FIX] - Fix issue that kept the Weave window from being brought to the front when needed. »

Desktop Client v5.3.80

The following changes are in this release: [NEW] - Added the ability to enable Voicemail Override, which is explained in the following video: [NEW] - For those offices that have started to use the Admin Portal, there is a password reset link that shows up on the login screen, which allows you to reset your own password via the Admin Portal. If you’re not using the Admin Portal yet, call our customer service team to get access! »

Desktop Client v5.3.75

You will find the following changes in this release: [NEW] - Added the ability to end a call that is on hold. When you move your mouse over the call bar of a call that is on hold, you will see an ‘End’ button show up on the right-hand side, where the time usually shows. Simply click that button to end the call. [FIX] - There may be some hope for those suffering from the white bars at the top of your Weave window. »

Desktop Client v5.3.57

There are many bug fixes in today’s release, as well as a new feature. Here is what we have prepared for you: [NEW] - Auto reminders that support email (appointment reminders, recall, and birthday messages) will now show a preview of what the email will look like. [FIX] - Fixed alpha-grouping headings in the patient list. They were not showing properly at times. [FIX] - Fixed an issue where non-administrators were not able to listen to Voicemail. »

Desktop Client v5.3.56

Good things come to those who wait. The Weave Desktop Client now supports Admin Controls. Here is a video to help explain how admin controls work: Here is what to expect from this release: [NEW] - Office administrators are now able to manage each user’s rights for the following features: Call recording (viewing, and toggling on/off) Changing Office Hours Changing Call forwarding [FIX] - The user list on the login screen will now reflect changes made in the Admin Portal without needing to restart the Desktop Client. »

Desktop Client v5.3.45

Added a tiny thing [NEW] - Added User Management link to Settings, which when clicked will take the user to the new Admin Portal. This feature is not available to all customers at the moment, but will be turned on over time. »

Desktop Client v5.3.44

Some housekeeping fixes in this one… [FIX] - Fixed an issue on the voicemail page that would keep you from navigating to the user details page by clicking the User Details button. [FIX] - Added better logic for managing Recall Statuses, and Eyewear Ready Statuses (For opto only) in regards to Auto-text Reminders. »