Release v5.3.33

Customers will now be able to change several of their reviews settings directly in the client: [NEW] - Change your Auto Reviews text message template, the order in which the reviews sites show up when a patient is asked to leave a review, and you can also now change……(drum roll, please….) when to send, so now you can (finally) tell Weave when to send the review to your patient. Watch the video below for more information: »

Release v5.3.31

Just a few bug fixes we thought you might want… [FIX] - Bug in Schedule card view where all appointments were not showing as they should. [FIX] - Small visual tweaks to the phone sync page. [FIX] - Other general stability changes. »

Release v5.3.30

Get automated!…err, I mean animated! Weave now has Automated Recall!!! YeeeHaaaawwwwwww! [NEW] - Automated Recall is now available! Watch this killer video to see how it works. [FIX] - Emojis in drafts were not showing up properly. This is now fixed. [FIX] - In the Reports section, if you have more than an average number of phones, some of the reports were being cut off. »

Release v5.3.21

All hail the new version of Weave Desktop! [FIX] - Automated texts (sent by Weave) are normally shown with a green background in the Messaging app. A recent bug made the automated texts blue, like every other message. [FIX] - Sort user list on the login page alphabetically. It was previously not sorted in any recognizable way, which was annoying. :) [FIX] - Fix an issue that would sometimes keep the forwarding indicator from showing up when forwarding was active. »

Release v5.3.20

A new version of Weave Desktop Client is here! [NEW] - You can now delete individual messages in the messaging app. Mouse over a message bubble, and you will see a trash-can icon show up outside the bubble. Click on this trash-can icon to delete the message. [NEW] - You can right-click on a message bubble, and copy, without needing to highlight the text first. [FIX] - Fixed an issue that was caused by toggling on/off the appointment reminders. »

Release v5.3.15

This release contains a couple of bug fixes. [FIX] - Fixed an issue that caused a problem on the backend when toggling on/off a birthday reminder (sms or email). It has been fixed. [FIX] - Fixed an issue in Reviews sign-up that would sometimes make it look like the sign-up worked, when in fact it didn’t. This would rarely happen, but could, and now won’t. :) »

Release v5.3.14

This release contains a fix that was, in some cases, causing too many connections with our real-time communication service. [FIX] - Fixed a bug that would cause a flood of connections to our real-time communication service when the user’s session expired. »

Release v5.3.13

This release contains a small fix for an email reminder-related issue, and a tiny new feature, which is pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves… [NEW] - Added the ability to mark a text conversation as Unread. [FIX] - Fix for an issue that manifested itself when the end-user would create/edit/duplicate a reminder, and change the type of reminder from sms to email. When this happens, the old sms template is used, instead of the email template. »

Release v5.3.12

Hooraaa…..oops. A fix for a small bug in the new Email Reminder view. Also, please watch the video to find out how the new Email Reminders work. [FIX] - Fix issue with offices that don’t have an email on record. »

Release v5.3.11

Hooray! Email birthday and appointment reminders, boom! [NEW] - Weave now supports Email birthday notifications, and appointment reminders. You are now able to manage email reminders in the same manner as text reminders. See the video below for more information: [NEW] - Added ability to delete individual, or all, drafts from the messaging view [FIX] - Fixed an issue where email followups did not act as expected [FIX] - Fixed an issue where some unknown patient inbound calls were incorrectly labeled as a blocked call »