Desktop Client Release Notes

A collection of Weave Client's release notes

Release v5.0.3460

There are two new, exciting features in this release. One is the new Household Overview page. Another is that we have finally released the Reports App!

  • NEW: Household Overview page. This is the main page seen when answering a call. It shows the member of a household, as well as any household tasks.
  • NEW: Reports App is live! See call details via charts and graphs
  • NEW: As part of the new look, tasks now show who completed the task.
  • NEW: Clicking on a task now allows you to take action on that task, for example, to send a message wishing a Happy Birthday, or to send a text reminding a patient of their overdue payment.
  • REMOVED: Household tasks page. It is now consolidated to the Household Overview page.
  • NEW: In the message details page, any automated texts will show the weave logo where the employee picture would normally go.
  • NEW: Default avatar for patients is now their initials
  • NEW: Added new Support page to Homescreen Menu. This allows a new method to submit a ticket to our support staff.
  • NEW: Feedback, on the Homescreen, has been changed to a place where you can give suggestions.
  • FIXED: Total count on Schedule page was incorrect at times.
  • FIXED: By popular demand….we’ve darkened text in the Messaging App to make it more readable
  • FIXED: Additional cases where the “Confirmed” checkmark was not showing up on the Schedule page
  • FIXED: Problem with the Auto-text send time being set 12-hours later when set to a time after 12-noon
  • Various bug fixes