Desktop Client Release Notes

A collection of Weave Client's release notes

Release v5.1.3497

We have a couple new things to try, and a bug fix or two

  • [NEW] Added drafts for sms text messages. If you enter text into the conversation text area, and then leave the screen for some reason, the text will automatically be saved as a draft. When you come back to that same conversation, the draft will be restored.
  • [NEW] As part of the new draft feature, in the main Messages list, if a conversation has a draft, you will see a pencil icon next to the name/number associated with the conversation. This pencil indicates that there is a draft saved for that conversation.
  • [NEW] Added the ability to right-click to copy in the text bubbles on the text conversation view. Simply select some text in one of the text bubbles, and right-click to see a “Copy” menu. You can also simply use the keyboard shortcuts for your respective OS, as before.
  • [FIX] Edited some text in the General Settings page to bring it in-line with the new look and feel of the Weave Desktop Client.
  • [FIX] Darkened the text bubbles on the message conversation view. This was done for better readability.