Desktop Client Release Notes

A collection of Weave Client's release notes

Release v5.1.4180

A few bugs were harmed in the making of this release. ;)

  • [NEW] - When you click on the text bubble next to a patient name in a smart-list, it will take you to the sms conversation, and include the template that you are used to.
  • [FIX] - Added the right-click context menu for copy/cut/paste/select-all back to the messaging/sms text field. You can now copy and paste using your mouse.
  • [FIX] - Fixed issue with not being able to text non-patient phone numbers from the messaging app.
  • [FIX] - Fixed issue where sometimes the slider on voicemails and call recordings would get stuck to your mouse dragging.
  • [FIX] - Fixed issue where sometimes the recent emoji list would be empty.