Desktop Client Release Notes

A collection of Weave Client's release notes

Release v5.1.4277

Get excited! Weave is updating again!

  • [NEW] - Messages now has filters for Unread messages, and Drafts! Message Filters
  • [NEW] - The recently released “Honor Communication Preferences” has caused some confusion about what it is. To help with this, we added a warning dialog when you turn it on. Communication Preferences If you don’t see this setting in Weave, it means your Practice Management software either doesn’t have these settings for your patients, or isn’t currently supported by Weave.
  • [NEW] - You can now set the send time for birthday auto-text reminders.
  • [FIX] - Text templates when coming from any of the smart lists were being saved as drafts if the user didn’t actually send the text, but instead left the conversation. This doesn’t happen anymore.
  • [FIX] - Patient images were sometimes displayed in a strange way (being squished). This is FINALLY fixed.