Weave Release Notes

Juicy details on new Weave releases

Desktop Client v6.2.20

Fancy seeing you here! Welcome…here’s what’s new:

  • [NEW] - Text to Pay

    • Shortcut Triggers - create a payment request for a patient or customer, remind them about an existing payment request, or process a payment on their behalf using the new shortcut triggers. Access these shortcuts by using the small Text to Pay icon on the patient information page or by opening the Text to Pay app.

    • Payment History - See a historical list of the payment requests your office has created by clicking on the reporting icon in the upper right corner of Text to Pay. Click the Paid toggle to see a listing of payments received and reconcile with your ledger or accounting software. Click the Unpaid toggle to see a list of unpaid amounts and decide who may need a payment reminder text. Choose to view transactions by various day, week, month, and year date ranges by clicking on the calendar icon in the upper right corner. Payment reporting can also be found in the Weave Admin portal (Payments > Invoice History) and in the Stripe dashboard.

    • Training Video - Weave Pay

  • [NEW] - Family Reminders

    • Appointment Reminders now have an additional Family template to be used when sending to multiple individuals with the same phone number.
    • Responding to a reminder addressing multiple patients will now confirm all appointments.

    • Training Video - Family Reminders

  • [NEW] - Schedule Messaging

    • Added Provider Filter to the Schedule Page
    • Added Message icon next to patient count to message patients on the schedule

    • Training Video - Schedule Messaging