Desktop Client v6.2.46

Here is what we have served up for you today: [NEW] - Location Switching in-App - If you are a Weave user with multiple offices or locations, you can now switch between them from the settings - making it easier than ever before to manage your customer communication across your business. Note that if you have a desk phone tied to your Weave software, the phone will not switch locations - this is a software only feature! »

Desktop Client v6.2.32

Come on in, take a look around: [FIX] - Text to Pay and Quick Fill: Patient search bar was not able to find all patients in Weave. Fix was made so all patients are now searchable. [ENHANCEMENT] - Text to Pay Payment Report - Within the Text to Pay feature, you can view historical lists of the payment requests that have been created, paid, and unpaid. You can get to these lists by clicking on the reporting icon (clock) in the upper right corner of the Text to Pay person list; found when you first open Text to Pay. »

Desktop Client v6.2.20

Fancy seeing you here! Welcome…here’s what’s new: [NEW] - Text to Pay Shortcut Triggers - create a payment request for a patient or customer, remind them about an existing payment request, or process a payment on their behalf using the new shortcut triggers. Access these shortcuts by using the small Text to Pay icon on the patient information page or by opening the Text to Pay app. »

Desktop Client v6.2.12

Hey, hey, hey! Here we go. Buckle up! [NEW] - Text To Pay: HIPAA Authentication to Protect You and Your Patients - We continue to take HIPAA seriously. When a recipient wants to view a Text to Pay request that includes an attached statement, the recipient will first need to authenticate with the listed patient’s birth date before being able to view the statement or the payment form. Updated User Flow - This simplified flow will save you a bit of time with each request you create. »

Desktop Client v6.1.49

Good things come to those who wait. Here’s what’s in store… [NEW] Faxes can now be previewed prior to downloading. Just click “Preview” on the menu. You can also preview the fax by clicking the icon for the fax you would like to preview. [NEW] Added remote network audit tooling to help with network troubleshooting [NEW] Added improved description for Voicemail Override [NEW] Beta Feature: Family Text [NEW] Beta Feature: Schedule Messaging [FIX] Fixed bug capping number of patients allowed to be added to Quick Fill. »

Desktop Client v6.1.37

Whoa! This is a heavy one. You might want to use two hands… [NEW] - Quick Fill to quickly and easily text a group of patients about openings in the schedule. You can text up to 10 patients at a time and include up to three appointment times. [NEW] - Weave Fax is available to replace your fax machine or eFax service. Port your existing fax number or get a new one. »

Desktop Client v6.1.30

A few small fixes here: [FIX] - Fixed an issue that was keeping the link to the user’s profile from working. This link takes you to your profile on the Administration Portal ( [FIX] - Stability enhancements and bug fixes »

Desktop Client v6.1.26

We had this update baking for a while. Here’s what’s inside: [NEW] - Updated Weave logo: the Weave logo has been updated throughout the app. Check it out! [NEW] - Operatory is now available as an Advanced Filter option for Appointment Reminders [NEW] - Removed popup card when selecting a patient in the Schedule section in favor of an expandable list. [NEW] - Appointment reminders in the Settings section are now sorted alphabetically [FIX] - Stability enhancements and bug fixes »

Desktop Client v6.1.8

This release contains a few small, visible changes, as well as some behind-the-scenes update to make Weave work better for you. [NEW] - Added a user’s username to the login employee list. This will help you be aware of your username. In the near future, Weave will remove the employee list from the login screen, and you will be able to just enter your username, and password in order to login. »

Desktop Client v6.0.12

This release contains a few small behind-the-scenes update to make Weave work better for you. [FIX] - Fixed an issue in Analytics where some of the charts were not displaying properly [FIX] - Stability enhancements and bug fixes »